The Virtual Multi-Sport Complex

After the introduction blog of the virtual multi-sport complex last week, I thought it necessary to develop the idea in a second blog post and describe how it will help bring positive change to the recreational sports industry.


The virtual multi-sport complex (VMSC) is an online collection or network of individual sports venues that may or may not be grouped on a geographical level.


The purpose of building a network of sports facilities like this is to make it easier for people to find and participate in all kinds of sports activities. It also allows each sports venue to market directly to a group of users who are actively looking for an activity to participate in.

When sports venues use different channels to communicate and advertise services to their customers, it thins out the collective audience into ever-shrinking fractions, and it places their information into a sea of information that's not always relevant to their intended audience. That makes it hard for a sports venue to stand out in all the information and attract new customers. 

On the other hand, the VMSC acts as a central platform that collects only information of sports venues and allows sports facilities to be more visible to keen and active people. It also provides users with a convenient online booking and payment process that they can use to access nearly any sports activity.

The convenience offered by a VMSC combined with the benefits of the multi-sport approach, described in my previous blog post, creates the perfect recipe for sports venues to attract new customers and keep them engaged. The VMSC also trumps the traditional multi-sport complex because its reach isn't limited to a single geographical area, making the potential almost boundless. 

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