Introducing the Virtual Multi-Sport Complex


Multi-Sport vs Specialisation

Research shows that taking the multi-sport approach leads to more engagement in sport and more active people.

Children who play multiple sports growing up are more likely to be active adults than children who specialise in a single sport early. Early specialisation very often leads to burnout and takes away some of the enjoyment in sports. It also leads to a higher chance of injury due to the overuse of individual muscles and joints. 

Research also shows that children tend to be more active in sports if their parents are active themselves. 

What does that tell us?

Here are a few assumptions based on the above information:

  1. Multi-sport kids are more likely to become active adults

  2. Active adults = active parents

  3. Active parents = active kids.

Thus, our theory is, to ensure the long-run success and drive the growth of the recreational sports industry, we need to encourage a multi-sport approach because it leads to more active adults and children. And that leads us to ask how we can help sports clubs and businesses incorporate the multi-sport approach while they keep focusing on the sport they know.

What if we use existing sports clubs to build a network of sports clubs that gains all of the benefits of a multi-sport complex while keeping all of the benefits of specialisation? In other words, what if we build a virtual multi-sport complex?

Unaffi’s Virtual Multi-Sport Complex

And that is our goal at Unaffi. We are building a global virtual multi-sport complex that incorporates individual clubs and facilities that already exist. That will enable sports clubs and businesses to focus on the sport they are experts in while at the same time giving their members a convenient opportunity to participate in other sports as well.

We now invite all sports clubs to join this innovative network. If you own or manage a sports club or business, you can become a part of it. Contact us now to see how your club can become part of this virtual multi-sport complex.