Why Baseball Venues Need Online Booking Systems

Not only does an online booking system offer administration automation and efficiencies, but it also acts as a promotional tool by communicating relevant information to the right audiences and by reducing the barriers involved when teams or individual players and coaches try to organise or join existing baseball activities.

An online booking system can automate most of the administration involved in hiring out baseball facilities. Schedules can be automatically updated and live availability schedules can automatically be displayed to groups interested in hiring the facility. This eliminates any manual scheduling on the administration side and also eliminates the need to deal with availability enquiries.

An online booking system can also automate data capture and payment collections. When set up properly by the software providers, an online booking system can automatically capture valuable data throughout the booking process to allow facility managers to make well-informed decisions and predictions for the future based on historical evidence automatically collected online. And, an online booking system can also allow for hassle-free online payment collections which will remove the need for time-consuming eft's, cash registers or costly point-of-sale payment equipment.

Furthermore, an online booking system reduces the barriers that people need to cross to organise and join in baseball activities. And by using a marketplace approach, an online booking system can reduce them even more. 

Many things need to be done between the point where a player has an urge to play baseball to the point where they play the game. One has to find out where there are suitable fields where one can play and if there are existing teams that one can join. If you are bringing your own group to play with, one must find out when the facilities are available, what the cost of using them is, whom to contact to book the them, and how to make payment for the booking. Many unknowns need to be answered, and even when they are answered, the processes involved are often time-consuming and frustrating. Delays in communication. Forms that need to be printed, filled out, scanned and sent back. And all of these barriers can be possible reasons why that person gives up early and never actually gets to play baseball.

However, with a uniform online booking system and marketplace, anyone can always find all the information they need at the click of a button and proceed to book the facility or their spot in an activity. A process that normally takes days or weeks to complete can suddenly be completed within 10 minutes, and all of the frustrations can be avoided by using an online booking system.

And finally, the best part of it all is that eliminating some of these barriers of entry into the sport will increase participation in baseball which will lead to growth in the sport and higher success levels for all involved in the sport.

And any baseball venue or club can now use UNAFFI's online booking system and marketplace. Have a look at this example baseball venue listing, or look at a list of our features and pricing on our manager info page. Spoiler alert, the booking system can even be used for free in some circumstances.